Photographerfarzin foroutan
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryTehran, Iran
Photo Date2016
Technical Infophotomontage and staged photog
Entry Description

“Tehran, Darband” series Each of us has a vision of the city or area where we live in. The “Tehran, Darband” series is, however, only a name to me; a word which is consumed and heard. It’s a picture of everyday engagement, of a place which no longer exists; like all other places where the presence of human does not signify prosperity, but anonymity; the more anonymous than all human beings. *Darband is the name of a region in Tehran (capital of Iran), also it means be in durance in Persian literature. * All of the photos took in Darband region.

About Photographer

Farzin Foroutan (b.1992) is an Iranian-based artist who has primarily worked in the medium of photography. He studied Graphic Design at the Fine Art School in Mashhad (IR) and received his B.A in directing of animation from Iranian National Broadcasting University of Tehran (IRIBU), and he is a master student in Visual Arts and Visual Communications design in EMU University (CY).