Grey Matter(s)

PhotographerTom Jacobi
Prize2nd Place in Book / Nature
CompanyTom Jacobi
City/CountryHamburg, Germany
Photo Date2014-2016
Entry Description

The world from dusk to dawn has been fascinating the human being from the very beginning. Since the figure of the biped appeared in prehistoric darkness, it was drawn to the purity and spirituality of that colourless world. According to legend the prophet Muhammad saw the angel Gabriel while he was sleeping, Jesus Christ was born and resurrected at night, Buddha found enlightenment at dawn. We strive for the light, but we are really the children of twilight. Colours simply are reflected light, individually put together in our brain, a place also called “Grey Matter.” No light, no colours. By reducing our colourful world to grey, the illusion of a colourful reality is being unmasked.