PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyMK Photography
City/CountryBrussels, Belgium
Photo Date2016
Entry Description

Sunrise (New Horizons) In my photographer’s imagination, new, enchanting horizons are to be found on our doorstep. We don’t have to travel far to discover them, they’re there in our daily lives, in mundane, familiar environments. They’re there, but we’re not always able to see them. Very often we simply need to adjust the focus to make them visible... They come in the form of a smile, an encounter,… It’s more to do with a frame of mind, an open attitude to others. Our dreams of exploring new horizons are beyond price and it serves no purpose to forget them, so I listen to them because, with them blow the great winds of freedom.

About Photographer

Of Danish origin and naturalized Belgian when he was 18 years old, Marc Krüger graduated in Biology and Management at the University of Brussels. He currently lives in Brussels and has been practicing photography since the age of 14. Until recently he has been working for his own company in the Media sector, and since 2012 he devoted himself on a full time basis to the photography. 2017 Awards: Winner 2017 Grand Prix "A Photographer for Eurazeo" 3rd Place 2017, Sony World Photography Awards, Belgium National Award Acquisitions Private Collection Eurazeo Group Solo Show - Central Dupon – Paris - France Group Show - L’Arrivage – Troyes – France Somerset House Exhibition – London - Sony World Photography Awards Festival Egrégore – Marmande - France Group Show - National Museum of Fine Arts Kaunas - Lithuania 2016 Charity Auction "L'Accueil" – Brussels - Belgium Affordable Art Fair – Brussels - Belgium Lille ArtUp - France Accessible Art Fair - Musée Juif – Brussels - Belgium Solo Show - Waarkunst Gallery - Groningen - Netherlands Solo Show - Galerie PasseArt - Troyes - France