Republic of Otaku

PhotographerSeo junyoung
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySeoul, Korea, Republic of
Photo Date2017
Entry Description

Seo junyoung. His work, which has been continuing for 7 years, has hovered between the ambiguous boundary between reality and everyday life. His work is a form of comics (original work) and upgrades a normal way of expression in cosplay to the next level, using a proper first person narrative. Also, he has been telling stories in a form of a letter, “To my dear daughter, your photographer dad.” To enhance the characteristics of a book and visual qualities, each chapter is separately organized. Below are the summaries. Chapter ⅰ. What? (What do their cosplays represent?) Chapter ⅱ. Why? (Why do they do cosplay?-Identity) Chapter ⅲ. How? (How do they perform cosplay?) Chapter ⅳ. Where? (Where do they do cosplay?) Chapter ⅴ. Who? (Who made them like this?)