The window to the soul

PhotographerCarmine Flamminio
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyCarmine Flamminio
City/CountryRoma, Italy
Entry Description

This picture is like a window to my soul. It was taken in Opi, a town in the hearth of Abruzzo Region, inside the National Park. Have you ever desired to visit place like this? Have you seen similar places around your home? I think so

About Photographer

Carmine Flamminio is an Italian photographer, specialised in documentary photography, that pushing his boundary, some time ago decided to move to fine-art photography. He studied photojournalism, at the Graffiti School of Photojournalism (Rome) and has attended various seminars by Francesco Zizola (NOOR), Sergio Ramazzotti (ParalleloZero), Yuri Kurzirev (NOOR), and Stuart Franklin (Magnum). He had worked as a freelance for many years, and his pictures appeared in newspaper and magazine like New York Times, Newsweek, The Guardian, BBC, The National, Reuters La Repubblica, Il Corriere Della Sera, Famiglia Cristiana, etc. For many years, he has studied the phenomenon of immigration in Italy, following particularly the Indian community in Rome and focusing on racism and violence. Since 2008, he has documented the consequences of migration on the world of childhood, with particular attention to the situation of Eastern European children. He is convinced that children are the first victims of mass migration. His last long-term project is Left Behind in Moldova. His report tackles that very subject and looks at migration in Europe, with a focus on Moldova, a country that in recent years may have seen as many as one million people leave to find work. Many of the children left behind live with relatives and according to the Information and Documentation Center on Child Rights in Moldova, the number of children without parental care is growing steadily. Carmine's artist obsession has always been memory, a theme which he is now developing through Fine-Art photography with new works including his latest project 'Hidden'.