In Search of Water

PhotographerMarina Shacola
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyMarina Shacola Photography
City/CountryNicosia, Cyprus
Photo Date2012
Technical InfoBlack and White Photographs
Entry Description

The current drought in Turkana forces many people to migrate to neighbouring Sudan and Ethiopia and many others to suffer , desperately seeking water and food for themselves and for their animas. Thirst and hunger hit both people and animals and the turkana are forced to share what little food relief they might get with their livestock desparetely trying to keep them alive. Raids by neighbouring tribes to grab what animals are left makes things even worse. As a volunteer with the Sophia Foundation for Children I visit Turkana very often concentrating on three communities supporting them regularly with food and a bore hole for water something which is very costly to build and maintain. It is by no means enough. I just wish more organisations and the government of Kenya would do more to help the people of this unique desert.

About Photographer

Marina Shacola (b. 1963, Cyrpus) is a photographer living and working between Cyprus and Kenya. Working specifically within the fields of portraiture and street photography, Marina began her career as a photographer for leading lifestyle magazines in Cyrpus. More recently Shacola has focused on projects concerning humanitarian and social issues on an international level.