Olympic trampoline player

Companymaco azuma photo office
PhotographerMaco Azuma
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

She’s a former Japanese Olympic trampoline representative player. After retirement, in addition to a looks like strong athlete, she got softer and more feminine became more emphasized. There are a natural photos without computer graphics. These are combination of portrait photo and fashion photo.

About Photographer

I graduated from Ritsumeikan University in March 2008. Then in April 2008 I joined Hitachi, Ltd. as a buyer of autoparts. I, however, surely wanted to become a photographer, I retired Hitachi within a year. In January 2009, I started studying about photos to be a good photographer. And I took many pictures according to my feeling every day. After having tried very hard for a year, I finally could get the job of the magazine for the first time. Since then, my efforts were stepped up and up. I succeeded in shooting the advertisement of TOYOTA (LEXUS NEW RX) this year. The advertisement collaborated of the car and the fashion. It was very new style and suitable shooting for me. Three years have passed since I resigned from Hitachi. There is the newest news about me. I have provided various magazines and books with the photograph, while advancing activity as a photographer. And my original photograph collection book is on sale on the bookstores in whole Japan in May, 2013. We call the photograph collection the "fashion identity photograph book." My partners and me gathered our creative idea in this book. That shooting location is Poland. It is the effort of the hard work of my team, while we, Asians struggled to shoot photos in a strange culture and language. I am very happy that I can get many people to look at this photograph collection.