PhotographerCarloman Macidiano C├ęspedes Riojas
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryChiclayo, Peru
Photo Date18/09/2016
Entry Description

Every Sunday about 3000 women go to visit relatives, inmates in the penitentiary center of the city of Chiclayo located in the north of Peru. The visit is exclusive only for direct relatives such as Mothers, wives, children and sisters. The visit has a strict dress code, which includes clothing without necklines, skirts below the knee, sandals without a heel and exclusion of red and black colors. The entrance to the interior of the penitentiary begins at 9am, but from 6am there are long lines in order to enter early, regardless of the radiant sun and dust in this arid zone. The three external entrance controls are in charge of the national police, which include marks and seals in the left arm with the arrival number, seal, letter and no. Of identification. Once inside the enclosure, three more controls are awaited by prison staff, which include data verification, food control, and physical examination by physical touch.