PhotographerANGELES PEÑA
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryBuenos Aires, Argentina
Photo Date2015-2016
Technical InfoDigital Photography
Entry Description

This is an introspective journey into the soul of a beautiful, stunning and wildly desolate territory; The Andean Patagonia, place where I had the privilege of living all my childhood. In an act of pilgrimage and union with my surroundings; I immerse myself in a deep process of contemplation. I let the photograph act on its own. The landmarks references and scales disappear, entering into a meditative state of mind between the balance and presence of water in earth. In a world that spins faster and faster I feel an enormous necessity to focus on the details and the beauty of what still remains. I find myself with a nature that sustains itself but can fall at any moment. It is something that surpasses me and I cannot stop observing. I try to leave the darkness and concentrate on a path of light, where I feel that there can be hope.