HSBC Rugby 7s

PhotographerDavid Wirawan
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySingapore, Singapore
Photo Date15 April 2017
Entry Description

HSBC World Rugby 7S At Singapore Indoor Stadium Collection of actions during the games.

About Photographer

David as a self-tough Photographer, keep trying to to combine all the elements on your lovely moment to become a piece or art. He started VIILevent Photography when his son was born, he learnt how to get a feel of photography, how to make a photo that can talk to the people who see it. His works has been published in some media and newspaper in Singapore. Ex: Strait Times, Tao Bao, My Paper, Todays, The New Paper. He loves sports, he is familiar with sport movement and moments, It's great benefit from him to capture the action through his lens. As adventurous, he keep to try more field of photography, like sport, stage, event and his passion of nature, make him got recognition from media, magazine, exhibition and art museum. His photography gallery can be seen here: