A Test of Faith

PhotographerColin Johnson
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySan Francisco, United States
Photo DateJanuary 17th 2017
Entry Description

In January pilgrims make their way to the holy city of Lhasa from all over Tibet. They can be seen performing full-body prostrations all around the holy temples in Lhasa. What is not documented as much is the trials that these pilgrims go through before they arrive in Lhasa. Some of the pilgrims spend over 3 months walking and performing full-body prostrations, a series of 3 steps after which the pilgrim gets down prone on the ground to prey. The pilgrims perform these acts on the dirty roadside, in sub-zero temperatures, with wooden blocks on their hands and leather aprons and kneed pads to handle the wear. It truly is a test of faith and I am blessed to have witnessed it.

About Photographer

I am a documentary travel and street photographer from San Francisco