Glimpse of Identity

PhotographerCharit Pusiri
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyCharit Art Co.,Ltd.
City/CountryBangkok, Thailand
Photo DateSeptember 2016
Entry Description

When we look into a room through a window, the appliances, decorating style, and the installation inside the room could possibly tell the livelihood, lifestyle, the past, and some parts of the history of the owner. However, we will not be able to state exactly his/her character and identity. We can only guess from what is there in the room and yes, we can only look from the outside. it is similar to when we first knew some one, we can only identify their character from their actions, gestures, a conversation, how they dress or look, or simply just from what other people said. That is only a summary or an analysis of the person based on what we have seen, our thoughts and experiences which might not be his/her true identity. With this concept we apply it to Ratchaburi (a province in Thailand) which today has a variety of identities unlike the past.

About Photographer

Charit Pusiri an artist/photographer based in Bangkok, Thailand. Specialized in Fine Art, Advertising, Automotive, Portrait Photography.