Alfa Romeo 4c

PhotographerLians Jadan
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyLians Photo
City/Countrybloomfield hills, United States
Photo Date2016
Entry Description

capturing the alfa romeo 4c for their print and online campaign, shutting down major roads, working around weather, people, and subway vibrations to make this amazing series

About Photographer

Lians Jadan is known throughout the world as a creative photographer and visionary whose passion for the visual image is lush and unique. His career began in high fashion, having editorials appearing in distinguished publications as Vogue, Prim, BG, Ambassador, Cliché, Hint and Styleline magazines. Throughout his life’s work he captures rich, dramatic photos and chic fashion exposé’s with cinematic flair. His experiences and collaborations have nurtured his wide range of styles including advertising, beauty, lifestyle, motion, portraiture and still life. In addition to his photography, he has since moved on to become one of the leading consultants in the creative industry including film and advertising, building relationships with fellow talented innovators allowing him the ability to make any production come to fruition. Always with a generous smile, grace and devotion to the task at hand, he travels the world with intense dedication for every aspect of production including music and art, creatively matching his client’s overall vision and needs. Lians continues to live in Detroit with his beautiful wife Monica, and their 2 daughters Lareina and Stella. Client List: ambassador magazine | amuleti j fashion group | audi | bg magazine | bombay gin | business destinations magazine | campbell ewald | cbs | chevy chrysler | clear magazine | cliche magazine | coming up magazine | cw50 | dollhouse clothing | goodby, silverstein & partners | hickey freeman | hint mag | hutchinson scofield | inkslinger clothing | jeep | kaiser permanente | leg apparel | life fitness | linda dresner | motorcity casino | prim magazine | sony | styleline magazine | team detroit | the nailco group | tmv | union adworks | us mint | vigoss jeans | vogue italia | warner brother’s music | warrior hockey | word records