Photographerken hermann
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyKen Hermann
City/CountryCopenhagen, Denmark
Photo Date29/7 2016
Entry Description

When a boy is born in Inner Mongolia, his family pray for him to become a wrestler. This ancient tradition is still a key status symbol in the nomadic community and the central focus of many young men’s lives. Bökh was shot in the Grasslands on Inner Mongolia, an area of northern china which has a strong Mongolian population. The Grasslands are vast open spaces, which run from the mountains of inner Mongolia to the border of outer Mongolia and have been home to nomadic communities for centuries. I was interested in this lesser known form of wrestling only found and practiced by a small group of men in Inner Mongolia. The strong cultural heritage and ritual of the sport intrigued me. I was particularly interested in how it governed status for young men within the community as well as defining manliness.

About Photographer

I work as a freelance photographer with base in Copenhagen, Denmark. I educated as an advertising photograher from Copenhagen Technical College last year. After my graduation I spent 4 months in New York working for a number of recognized photograpers. My biggest passion in relation to photography is the portrait. I love the challenge in making a good portrait that gives the viewer my perspective on the person portrayed