Black Smoke

PhotographerMarcello Maiorana
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyMarcello Mixed Media
City/CountryAvezzano, Italy
Photo DateJune 2017
Technical Infomixed media: photo and ink
Entry Description

Fire it’s not always seen as a negative element but instead a synonymous of life. When fire burns things do not simply disappear, nothing can be really destroyed, matter always transforms, after a fire we got ashes, heat and smoke, which is the most volatile and probably most toxic product, so, with no purpose, it simply flies away. With this series I like to, once again, associate fire with life, thinking of people as flames, sharing almost the same features: we produce heat, we will eventually become ashes, but we don’t emit smoke, at least not physically. We humans are driven by desire, passions and dreams, but not always we are able to achieve what we want; we may work hard for something that will never happen and this is our black smoke. Hopes and dreams that will never be, that are now dispersing in the sky, never to come back.

About Photographer

An hyper imaginative mixed-media artist, passionate in creating images and stories. The three windows. I like to think of my mind as a old-fashion factory, with red brick walls and steaming pipes. This factory is quite peculiar, it only has three windows. These windows link the contents of my mind with the outside world. One to take pictures, one to tell stories and one to illustrate. Creating ideas requires energy and many raw materials. I draw my inspiration from moments in everyday life; movies, books and games are big resources too. As for the main energy source I love chocolate and co