The way to the future

PhotographerShinichiro Yamada
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMinato-ku, Tokyo, , Japan
Photo Date2017/1/31
Entry Description

Run towards the future and jump on a stubborn wall. The road is dark and there are also bad weather. I expressed a figure with a strong emotion and beauty. Team Salomon Trail Runner : Yusuke Tannaka

About Photographer

Shinichiro Yamada is a Tokyo-based photographer. Yamada began writing music in middle school and went on to become a composer, moving into the realm of photography later on. As a photographer, Yamada worked at a commercial photo studio, where he shot a wide range of subjects. Drawing on his knowledge of both music and photography, Yamada was involved in the creation of DVDs of Hollywood films and television dramas at a media production company. Following this experience, he worked as a freelancer, creating promotional footage for firms and multi-channel audio for planetarium screenings. Yamada established a video production company in May 2003. The firm creates corporate promotional videos and specialty footage like mountaintop and underwater scenery. He represented Japan as the team captain for the CMAS Underwater Video World Championship event held in September 2010 in Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. Currently, Yamada works in video production at his company while being remaining active as a photographer.