Boarded-up Houses

PhotographerKatharina Fitz
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryNottingham, Austria
Photo Date2016
Technical Infodigital, Nikon 300s
Entry Description

In Europe today there are around 11 million empty and unoccupied homes, of which 600,000 are in England (200 000 classed as long-term empty in 2016). Large scale vacancy in cities is often a sign of great upheaval within the urban space. Focusing on typical Victorian working class terraced houses in post-industrial Liverpool and Manchester, the project highlights the sheer volume of long-term vacancies in England to create a critical reflection about the extensive amount of unoccupied homes in England as well as in Europe. The images radiate an uncertainty in relation to their future, producing a sense of instability. The aims of the project are to create a conscious reflection of vacant houses and an awareness of the constant structural changes of our cities. Here is a link to additional video material created alongside the photographs, documenting the derelict areas.

About Photographer

Studied "image" at the Sant Ignasi Instirute of Barcelona during two years. After finishing her studies, she moved to Berlin, where she worked and lived until 2014. In 2015 she joined two Artist in Residence programs in Malaga and Bilbao. Since 2016 she is working on a long term project in England.