PhotographerAnne Hoerter
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryPullach, Germany
Photo Date2017
Technical InfoDigital
Entry Description

What incomprehensible etherial changes will these luminous iridescent aquatic organisms exhibit as they gracefully enter their diaphanous afterworld. Would we be able to recognize this species again or would they become just a fantasy?

About Photographer

Graduate of the Ontario College of Art, Toronto Canada. As an artist, I am fascinated by both the continual change of negative and positive space through movement and the process of taking a living organism, fragmenting it, manipulating it, and then re-inventing it into an entirely new entity which resembles the original, but is in fact, entirely contemporary. An image which sways between reality and surrealism. I am ceaselessly driven to analyse the botanical and human form and in turn, to produce images that excite, intrigue, shock and generate new thoughts, to conjure up new sensations. I specialize in the use of multiple photographic imagery.