The New Colonialism

PhotographerSheryl Maree Reily
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanySheryl Maree Reily Photography
City/CountryEster, United States
Photo Date2015-2017
Entry Description

This is a story about the dark side of tourism and the new face of colonialism. A small Mexican town struggles to retain its identity, water rights and way of life as a multi billion-dollar U.S.A. backed Corporation partnered with a major U.S. state university, disguised as a "mindful living" development descends on the community. The mega-project, which will triple the local population, ignores environmental protections, displaces the local artisanal fishery which supports over a hundred families in the area, and obfuscates plans for water sourcing. The Punta Lobos fishing cooperative is at the forefront of the resistance. After filing lawsuits against the development, John Moreno the native born human rights attorney representing the co-op, was arrested May 2017 on charges stemming from an unrelated civil case settled in 2014. He remains in jail without bail or a full hearing. It is widely believed the charges are false and intended to discredit the attorney, disrupt litigation and intimidate the community.

About Photographer

Sheryl Maree Reily is an award winning photographer and cross media artist whose work advocates for human and environmental health. She is a member of ASMP and her images are distributed worldwide via Getty Images.