The Face of Places

PhotographerTakatoshi Masuda
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryKobe, Japan
Photo DateJune 26, 2016
Entry Description

The Face of Places features Japanese landscapes that I photograph from the local train windows. In Japan, the train system that covers most of the country is a highly reliable and essential transportation for ordinary people. Nevertheless, I was yearning to ride a train in my childhood as no train was running on my home island. After I moved to the city later, I naturally started photographing the landscapes from the trains. When I look at the huge amounts of images I collected, I got an idea of digitally overlaying them in the post-production process so that I can extract the essence of the landscapes. As a result of trial and error, using roughly 10 images that were shot sequentially was the best to beautifully encapsulate a certain time and distance. The Face of Places now consists of two parts - ‘City' and ‘Countryside' of Japan.