Living Bones

PhotographerLior Sperandeo
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryTel Aviv, Israel
Photo DateJuly 16th 2017
Technical InfoCanon 1DX Mii, 24-105mm f.4
Entry Description

Under the blazing East African sun 7,000 to 10,000 people live with albinism in Malawi, these people are at risk. People with albinism in Malawi face social stigma and isolation, alongside physical challenges like vision or skin problems. The main danger, is the primitive idea that their bones can make others rich or cure sickness. In Malawi, the condition is more common than anywhere in the world. Witch doctors use their organs for ‘medicines’ that are sold at huge prices. Their bodies are considered to contain ‘healing power’ and can increase wealth and influence.

About Photographer

Lior Sperandeo is an Emmy Award nominated Cinematographer from Tel Aviv. He started his career as a News Cameraman covering Jerusalem & the Middle East, and later shifted to the documentary world. In his latest project “PeopleOf,” Lior highlights different human and social struggles around the world, creating a tool and voice for muted populations.