Dogs Alike

PhotographerAlexander Khokhlov
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMoscow, Russian Federation
Photo DateFall 2016-Winter 2017
Entry Description

Historically human directly takes a part in the creation of new dog breeds. As a result there are about 400 dog breeds worldwide already. Most breeds are derived for specific purposes: there are guard dogs, hunting dogs, shepherd dogs and even perfectly fitted “ladies handbag dogs”. But for most people, their dogs are pets and companions that were chosen by appearance and breed personality. In addition, human plays the decisive role in the education of the pet. Dog’s aggressive behaviour is not a reason to dump everything on its pedigree qualities. Sometimes it's enough just to have a look at the dog’s owner. The "Dogs Alike" project allows a new look at the relationship between a human and his pet. As a basis I took external similarities and associations - the best way to show common things between people and dogs.