The resistance of urban dance

PhotographerPedro Galisteo
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryOntinyent, Spain
Photo Date2017
Technical InfoDigital photography
Entry Description

The emergence and development of the city as a social and political organization also marks the development of urban dance. This type of dance was born in the nucleus of large cities, from the collective impulses of social sectors disadvantaged or at risk of exclusion. Influenced by disco music and the different times that this type of dance has gone, it has evolved in different movements like: locking, popping, free style hip hop or break dance, etc ... In Spain, the boom of urban dances exploded in the 90s but was diminishing with the passage to the new millennium. At present there are a small number of urban dance groups of great relevance in Spain that still resist the passage of time. They and they are the best ambassadors of an underground culture that goes ahead with every step they take.