Honorable Mention

Truckers for Trump

  • Photographer
    Bill Kotsatos
  • Date of Photograph
    July 2016
  • Technical Info
    published by Newsweek magazine

What was supposed to be a glorious cross-country convoy of two-dozen big rigs in the name of Donald J. Trump wound up being only that of one; theirs. I met up with Jim and Lorraine Morrison in Chico, California to cover their cross-country trip to the RNC in Cleveland to not show their support for Mr. Trump and to bring awareness to their struggling industry. Over 10-days and 2,500-miles the glory of that convoy they envisioned boiled down to a grit and determination of making good on their word to cross America and spread the word of the candidate of their choice. In doing so they felt they taught a good life lesson to their daughter Zelda, for whom life on the road is lonely despite her parents’ love. Instead the girl wishes to enroll in a proper school with proper friends, where she can have friendships that last.

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