Acqua Alta

PhotographerRohan Reilly
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryKinsale, Ireland
Photo Date2016 -2017
Entry Description

This series of images were made during the phenomenom of Acqua Alta. Acqua Alta occurs when wind and high tides combine. The first area to flood is Piazza San Marco and it is only for three or four hours. This is the lowest part of Venice. Here they are accustomed to the flooding and it causes the local shop owners and residents no major difficulty. The flooding gives a unique calm and quiet to a very busy area. There is a timelessness and elegance to the city during Acqua Alta which is being flooded with tourists on a daily basis.

About Photographer

Rohan Reilly is a self-learned photographer and gallery owner based in Kinsale, Cork, Ireland. Formerly a record label owner, producer, and DJ, Rohan lived in Barcelona, Spain for several years. Inspired by the historic art and architectural scenes, he developed a fascination for the works of Calatrava and Gaudi and soon after took to his craft. Rohan?s initial work focused on the architecture of the city, but he quickly began to focus on the abstract landscape of the Catalonian coast. Influenced by the work of English photographer Michael Kenna and Japanese minimalist artist Hiroshi Sugimot