My Time

PhotographerRegina Šulskytė
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryÅ iauliai, Lithuania
Photo Date2013
Technical Info Analogue and digital
Entry Description

Regina Šulskytės‘s series is titled "My Time", but it is evidently comprised of combinations of past and present photographs, which tell a personal story like frames flickering in the memory – monuments to individual moments carved in vast expanses of oblivion. When one employs them to mark the territory of one‘s life, landmarks emerge that guide one to the starting point of the self. This time Šulskytė‘s mother become such a landmark, imperceptibly passing from idyllic photographs tinted by the tradition of the past to the present, meeting herself at a different age, but unable to see or communicate with herself. The present seems to be a space crammed with different memories that never meet, yet they obscure the present inself. Then the remembering self is visualised by a landscape where memories come from incomprehensible constellations, while time is stripped of the usual parameters, becoming dense and layered, static. (Text by Agnė Narušytė, art critic).

About Photographer

I am a member of the Union of the Lithuanian Art Photographers since 1995. I have created series: “Interpretations”, “My Clothes”, “In the Bedroom”, “Sisters”, “Sunday People”, “Meetings”, “Austria ’07”, “My Time”. Works were exhibited in Lithuania and abroad, won international awards. The creation works were presented in the chronicles "Lithuanian Photography: yesterday and today", in albums "Siauliai", "Lithuanian Photography", "Created in Nida", exhibition catalogs, art magazines, Union of the Lithuanian Art Photographers and other internet sites. My photographs develops the unusual everyday cognitive. Content of photographs is revealed through players relationship to the past, memories, through “conversations” with self, and, everyday objects transformed into anthropomorphic creatures from the past memories and they tell stories of life and death. I worked in the Photography Museum of Siauliai since 1986 till 2000. After began work in the Audiovisual Art Department of Siauliai University. I teach the theoretical and practical photographic subjects.