PhotographerPeyman Naderi
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Oblivion is an image pointing out to our memories. We all have memories that at one point in life we are bound to forget. Natural light has been used in this photo and I tried to create an opposition between the leaves and the smoke. There’s always a reason for us to push our memories to a corner of our mind; In a corner, so that maybe one day, we’ll need them back to continue the road.

About Photographer

My name is Peyman Naderi. I was born in 1990 in Tehran. I’m studying Control Engineering at IKIU. I’ve always been interested in photography ever since childhood. It’s always been my dream to be able to snap pictures to create unceasing images in history and to be remembered in order for photography to become more advanced. My favorite method of photography is Dark Portrait and Fine Art. I’m teaching the former method in an institute in Tehran at the moment and try my best to help my students to progress and be on the right path. My plan is to participate in installing a Portrait exhibit in one of the best galleries in Iran. Recently one of my achievements has been winning the FPC Silver medal in Victor Polynsky (2017) and many other awards inside my country Iran.