Shadows of women

Photographernahid Abazarnejad
Prize2nd Place in Book(self-published) / Fine Art
City/CountryAtlanta, United States
Photo DateMarch 7th 2017
Technical InfoArtistic
Entry Description

In my project, I am trying to use shadow to portrait the society a symbol of unseen and tried to emphasize on elements of women's characteristic such as their desire of breaking free, and their softness when they are still strong. I have my character of my project on the sideline and margin to show the reality that in society women are often pulled to the side. I am trying to show the softness of women by the golden/ warmer yellow tone colors. I am showing the harshness of the society on women by the harsh textures in the background rather than the color, and in some other cases, showing it with color. I just enhanced the screen a little bit. I wanted for my project to be, open to individual interpretations, and always excited and happy to read your thoughts on the images. My pictures lack a sense of time.