Living or Leaving

PhotographerErik Slot
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyErik Slot Fotografie
City/CountryNiebert, Netherlands
Photo Dateoct 2016 - may 2017
Entry Description

The coal mines have been the most important economic engine in Asturias in Northern Spain for the past hundred years. The economic dependence of the region on the mines is becoming uncomfortably obvious now the mines are closing one after another. Mines, industrial buildings, shops, pubs and houses are standing empty as bussiness and people, especially young people, are leaving the region. Those who stay behind try to make their best, living in empty streets, in empty towns and villages…

About Photographer

Erik Slot (The Netherlands, 1967) Having been interested in photography since childhood, I recently made a career switch and have become a professional photographer. I graduated as a documentary photographer from the Amsterdam Photo Academy in December 2015. Throughout my work, issues of righteousness, socio-cultural mechanisms and the (in)ability of people to control their own lives play a central role. I am fascinated by the influence of physical surroundings on people’s chances in life, but I am also intrigued by the influence of social, religious and cultural surroundings on the daily lives of groups and individuals.