Guilty for no Reason

PhotographerAlice van Kempen
PrizeHonorable Mention
CompanyAlice van Kempen Photography
City/Country3235 RA Rockanje, Netherlands
Photo Date14 May 2017
Technical Info4 sec f7.1 ISO 400 nat. light
Entry Description

Family pets are being indiscriminately targeted by laws in many countries worldwide, they have laws pertaining to dangerous breeds. These laws should target only dogs who truly are a serious risk to people or other animals but they affect a whole breed instead of the individual. Some of the breeds on the lists are known to be really good with people, especially children and never have been involved in incidents. They are placed on the list because of their looks instead of their character. This photo is the first of a series I am currently making “Guilty for no Reason”. The photos are made in natural light conditions, my model has learned to sit still for seconds. This photo was made with an exposure time of 4 seconds.

About Photographer

Self-taught Dutch photographer Alice van Kempen (1967) was introduced to photography at a very young age. Ever since she can remember she has had a camera in her hand. Best known as a canine photographer, Alice has worked in the business for almost 30 years. Her work has been published in canine magazines and books all over the world. As new ideas are constantly streaming through Alice's brain she came up with the idea to let Claire pose as a model in abandoned buildings. This idea resulted in an ongoing series called "Leave only Pawprints"?. Urbex photography with a twist.