Nudes on the rocks

PhotographerÁngel Gurría-Quintana
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryCambridge, United Kingdom
Photo DateSeptember 2016
Entry Description

Volcanic rocks, sculpted by the Atlantic Ocean, offer a dramatic backdrop for delicate nudes.

About Photographer

Angel Gurria-Quintana grew up in Mexico City, where he studied photography for many years. He moved to the United Kingdom in 1997. He is based in Cambridge. His photographs have been on display in exhibitions in Mexico City, Cambridge, London (Mall Galleries), Vermont (Dark Room Gallery 2016, 2017), Montreal (Photo Shoot Awards 2016), Leeds (Shutter Hub Bright 2016), Denver (Big Picture 2017), and Athens (Blank Wall Gallery, 2017). He was a finalist in the 2017 Henri Cartier Bresson Passporte Prize for Street Photography, and received an Honourable Mention in the Moscow International Foto Awards 2017.