• Photographer
    Stephanie Pfriender Stylander
  • Prize
    1st Place / Book/Monograph
  • Company/Studios
    Stephanie Pfriender Stylander
  • Date of Photograph
    Published July 2018
  • Technical Info
    Publisher: MW Editions

Evocative photographs capturing sweeping, cinematic fashion stories and intimate portraits of celebrities, all tinged with the photographer's gritty realism. Big closeups, grainy film, deep dark-lined eyes, creased foreheads and dusty landscapes seem sensual and erotic. From a very young, unknown Kate Moss to rock legend Keith Richards, "my important pictures happen when I get into a 'dance' with the subject, this is the part that is untamed, and for me the most interesting." French Vogue, "intense and poetic", Spanish Vogue, "iconic imagery, capturing what is hidden behind the character."

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