A Mother's Love Series

  • Photographer
    RemiJin Camping
  • Prize
    2nd Place / Fine Art/Still Life
  • University/School
    Barry University
  • Date of Photograph
  • Technical Info
    4x5 Color Film, scanned, edited and printed digitally

A Mother’s Love This series opens up the cabinets, unboxes, and dusts off the things my Mother has given me throughout the years. Born out of the frustration with dwindling home space filled with items that weren't being used, these everyday items morph from something mostly forgotten in storage and taking up space, to an appreciation for the meaning with which the items were given. This was a cathartic process of creating intricate patterns with the items that took anywhere from one hour to eight hours each to make and photograph, sometimes from 20 feet off the ground with a 4x5 field camera

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