Honorable Mention


  • Photographer
    lucila blumencweig
  • Company/Studio
  • Date of Photograph
    01 /2015
  • Technical Info

People don't use to adversely discriminate against people with Down syndrome, but there are many clichés about the issue. It is common to hear that the persons with Down syndrome are God's angles or eternal children. In Argentina there is a slow development about a cultural change and inclusion on the Down syndrome issue, but there is still a lot to improve. So this event is a new step to build that change so important for people with Down syndrome and for their families. We were part of an exhibition to tell everybody that they are not Down’s people -as many people call them in Argentina- or Down syndrome people, but people with Down syndrome. They are not all the same, they only share the syndrome. So, among some of the best Argentine photographers we worked to show their identities. They made portraits that reveal the people, portraits that reveal the personalities, portraits that remove the filters through which society often views people with Down syndrome. These portraits became a photo exhibition in the largest park of Buenos Aires, Plaza San Martín. During two weeks millions of persons went to see the exhibition that was, at the same time, an artistic event and a message about inclusion.

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