Hate or glory

PhotographerSalvo Bombara
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryMilazzo (ME), Italy
Photo Date2014
Technical Infounderwater photography
Entry Description

Underwater photography. tilted of 90° to get the result I was looking for. Monochrome editing to give more power to light, shapes and pose of the model.

About Photographer

BIOGRAPHY Lives and works in Milazzo. A lover of art in its many forms, he quenches his thirst for learning by consuming print media, watching documentaries and collaborating with those who share his passions. The combination of scientific studies and an intense passion for photography has produced a deep analysis of light, breaking down its structure in order to find the desired frequency. At the dawn of digital photography and its new creative possibilities, infrared has become more of a reality: a form of photographic expression capable of evoking strong emotions with its mysterious and gloomy scenarios. Bombara’sfirst attempts at excluding visible light are done by removing the hot mirror from a compact camera, and placing film clippings in between the lens. He also experiments with reflex filters that are much simpler to use. All his works are the result of long exposures, never under 30 seconds.His first IR theme portfolio is titled “From Beyond”, depicting a story of one of his favorite writers: Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Love for the sea and the suspension from reality when one is underwater have been the ideal place for the camera, leaving the surface to act as a filter for light. – Giulia Sillato ©2013