Palio, horse race in the Sardinian countryside.

PhotographerMichele Ardu
Prize1st Place in Event / Competitive Events
City/CountryLondon, United Kingdom
Photo DateSummer 2014
Technical InfoCanon 5D III
Entry Description

Far away from the spotlight of the main hippodromes and their dizzying betting system, there's another world of horse racing, made of passion and love. In Sardinia, as part of a village's religious celebrations, jockeys from different towns would meet to compete in thrilling horse races called Palio. There is only one rule while racing - "There are no rules". To win the Palio, the jockeys can do anything they need, facing, of course, the consequences of any affront committed. It combines the deepest aspects of the culture, such as a sense of challenge, honor, and respect. These races are great proofs of Jockeys' courage.

About Photographer

is a London based independent photographer. Born in Oristano (Sardinia, Italy) in 1986. He graduated in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Cagliari. Despite the technical background, he decided to move to UK to pursue his artistic career. He lives and works in London since 2011, but only since 2014 he is a full time photographer. Since then, he worked with main brands and his work has already appeared on many main publications, such as La Repubblica, La Stampa, TimeOut, Yahoo! Style UK, OnStage, GoPro official pages, CanonUK Exhibitions, Heineken, Toni&Guy, PhotoVogue by Vogue Italia and YourShot by National Geographic. He was awarded at IPA 2015, MIFA 2016, SIPA 2016, IPA 2016 and shortlisted at 159 Print Exhibition by Royal Photographic Society. His work has been exhibited in solo and group events in Oristano, Milan, Moscow and London.