Safe & Sound

PhotographerJohn David Richardson
Prize2nd Place in Fine Art / Portrait
City/CountryLincoln, United States
Photo Date2013-2015
Entry Description

I have always been curious about what convinces some people to stay, to continue with the life they lead. While others break away from what feels comfortable and travel willingly into the unknown. Safe & Sound delves into how our modern society deals with emotion, and how pivotal moments in our lives directly affect our actions and the paths we choose to take. Existing in the quiet spaces between moments, these characters are on the verge of self realization. Safe & Sound guides the viewer into the lives of these characters, allowing us to experience their moment of solitude.

About Photographer

John David Richardson was born and raised in Northwest Alabama. He graduated with a BFA in Applied Photography from Northern Kentucky University, and will be pursuing a MFA in Photography at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He has shown work in several galleries within the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area, including The Carnegie, Clifton Cultural Arts Center, 2014 FotoFocus Biennial, Covington Arts Center, and has had multiple features as a finalist in Popular Photography Magazine’s online gallery. Working in the style of an open narrative, his photographs are compiled from moments of self-realization and solitude within everyday occurances.