PhotographerOmaar Reyna
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryWhitehorse, Canada
Photo Date2014
Technical InfoHasselblad 500c, 40mm, Ekfe100
Entry Description

“Forces” is a series of images of a body in motion, one which is in a process of self-transformation. These transitions of movement create new flows of meaning that act as becoming rather than being. My hope is that the viewer would experience their own force of emotions: It is through the actions and movements of the body that we reveal the world.

About Photographer

Omar Reyna is a mexican-canadian artist who use photography as a tool of choice. Omar has a formal training in communication and also he has taken some course in photography. He earns his living working as a Graphic Designer, however his main gol is to dedicate all his time to his real passion: art-photography. He was born in Mexico City and currently lives in Yukon, Canada, (with his wife and his four cats) a place he really loves.