Umbrella Girl

PhotographerMicha Nussinov
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryPaddington, Australia
Photo Date2011
About Photographer

1975-82 Worked as cinematographer of documentaries and short dramas. 1975- 79 Director and Cinematographer of conceptual films: "Waiting, for What?", 42 minutes; and "Feeling for Balance", 80 minutes 1974-94 Photographic exploration. Experimentation with overlaying of images and fusion of realities 1984-95 Sketching and collecting images for painting. Painting excursions in Australia: West Macdonald Ranges, Olgas, Rainbow Valley, Lake Mungo, Flinder's Ranges 1986-95 Working at various studios, developing skills in paintings and design. 1995-99 Designing and fabricating Kinetic sculptures. 1998 –03 Gaining Computer skills. Creating digital images and sound scapes. 2001-02 Life drawing at the Globe. 2003-4 Trips to Israel: Drawing street scenes, landscapes and family portraits. 2001-5 Creating music compositions. Playing on kurzwiel keyboard, editing and rearranging with a computer program. 2006-11 Developing series of works, Photo composites ‘Between the layers’ – a world of ambiguity, transience and illusion, of recognised and abstracted scenes Grants: Australian Film commission- Experimental film fund (1976), Creative development fund (1979). Prizes: 2004 Kao international kinetic Art Competition – third prize 2005 Art addiction - honorable award 2008 Sculpture society plint prize / 2009 Sculpture Society – Pricewaterhouse-cooper Prize Exhibitions Have been exhibiting Photographs, Paintings and Sculptures since 1988 . 1995- Gallery Nakai, Kyoto, Japan. 1997 – Mann Auditorium, Tel Aviv, Israel. 2002- Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi. Australia 2004– Washhouse Gallery, Rozelle. 2005- Sala Barna Barcelona, spain 2005 to 2011 , Exhibiting at Nussinov Gallery, Cope street Redfern, Australia