Entry Title: "Rollercoaster Ride"
Name: Tristan O'Tierney , United States
Category and Expertise: Bridges|Cityscapes, Non-Professional

Entry Description: Rollercoaster Ride

About the Artist:

I first got my camera back in February, 2013. I told myself I always wanted to get into photography, so I finally did. It has since become my singular creative outlet, of which I have a lot to get out. My goal with photography is to see it through until I feel like there's no aspect of it I haven't mastered. I find taking pictures of people the hardest. I strive to know more about crafting with light. I am forever searching for the next technique to master, or for the next bit of inspiration to internalize and bring forth in my own work. In another life, I helped start a company called Square to let regular folks accept credit cards just like the big boys. I worked at silicon valley giants like Yahoo, Apple, and VMware. I turned my passion for building artistic iPhone apps, and turned it into just art.