Living Beyond the Stigma of Albinism: Bibiana’s Journey

PhotographerKathleen Gerber
Entry Description

Until recently I knew very little about ‘Albinism.’ This changed when I was introduced to Bibiana. Bibiana is a teenage girl from Tanzania and her dramatic life experiences have thrusted her o advocating a broader awareness for Albinism. When she was 10, while her sister slept, vicious men yielding machetes attacked Bibiana during the night. Her right leg was severed above the knee and two fingers on her right hand were lost during this brutal attack. Bibiana is now 16 and is in the US to be fitted for a new prosthetic leg.

About Photographer

I have always appreciated photography and began my own journey years ago. I have spent decades exploring and refining my eye for seeing, respecting, and capturing the beauty around me. In fact my journey with photography has exposed me to some amazing moments – that frankly are not sufficiently captured with the lens – but they are powerful memories that stay with me just the same. I have found myself drawn to photo essays since still photography is a powerful way to translate conditions and experiences between different cultures. I am motivated and dedicated to using my skills as a photographer to tell powerful and meaningful stories that evokes an understanding and/or action.