Entry Title: "Between animals, meat and human beings"
Name: Kendy Tzu-Yun Teng , Taiwan
Category and Expertise: Editorial, Student

Entry Description: These pictures were taken in north-east India. Issues about the complexity of human-food animal, including dogs, relationships are discussed through the pictures.

About the Artist:

Dr Kendy Tzu-Yun Teng (Dodo) is a Taiwanese veterinarian, photographer, writer, traveller and currently a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney. She is passionate about promoting animal welfare and ethics through scientific research in addition to exploring the intersectionalities between animals, humans, nature and the social environment through travel. Her research interests include animal welfare, small animal epidemiology, canine inherited disease and obesity. Her first book will be published in March 2016. May all beings happy.