Entry Title: "Stay Blessed"
Name: Teja Panchagnula , United States
Category and Expertise: Traditions and Cultures|Weddings|Culture|Wedding, Non-Professional

Entry Description: People bless the newly wed with sacred rice grains in Hindu tradition. Here's my best friend on her wedding day seeking the blessings of near and dear.

About the Artist:

I am a photo enthusiast from India based out of California. I always loved using a camera since childhood, but got obsessed with creating images since 2013. Being an outdoors lover, my inclination is towards landscape and cityscape imagery, along with occasional outdoor portraiture trials. Since I began to understand the art of taking and making better images, I have come across numerous techniques, both on and off the field. I see photography, just as any form of art, involving techniques, methods and rules that involve a subjective perspective. Thus, I think there’s no particular way of doing it right or wrong, leaving a huge room for experimenting. Throughout this ongoing journey, I try my best to have fun and not get too serious about it.