Stay Blessed

PhotographerTeja Panchagnula
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySanta Clara, United States
Entry Description

People bless the newly wed with sacred rice grains in Hindu tradition. Here's my best friend on her wedding day seeking the blessings of near and dear.

About Photographer

I am a photo enthusiast from India based out of California. I always loved using a camera since childhood, but got obsessed with creating images since 2013. Being an outdoors lover, my inclination is towards landscape and cityscape imagery, along with occasional outdoor portraiture trials. Since I began to understand the art of taking and making better images, I have come across numerous techniques, both on and off the field. I see photography, just as any form of art, involving techniques, methods and rules that involve a subjective perspective. Thus, I think there’s no particular way of doing it right or wrong, leaving a huge room for experimenting. Throughout this ongoing journey, I try my best to have fun and not get too serious about it.