Spider Webs

CompanyIngrid Vekemans Photography
PhotographerIngrid Vekemans
Prize1st Place in Special / Micro
Entry Description

Dewy mornings always invite me to go for the 50mm lens full open, using extension tubes to create an exuberant bokeh in the dew drops, back-lit by the rising sun. Have used it on several subjects, this time it was spider webs. The images are all made in-camera, hardly any post-processing, 3 of them are in-camera double exposures, the other 2 are single exposures.

About Photographer

Ingrid is a self taught nature photographer, based in Belgium. Ingrid has always been fascinated by Africa, first going there in 1994. Although this continent and its wildlife remain her main focus, in recent years she has become involved in nature photography in other regions of the world. Ingrid’s work has received multiple international awards. She organises a variety of photographic workshops and leads photo safaris in Africa. For more information: www. ingridvekemans.com.