The Fishermen of Sri Lanka – A Life of Sacrifice

PhotographerNora De Angelli
Entry Description

The first day of my trip, which was going to be one of most disturbing days of my stay in Sri Lanka, my guide took me to the Lellama, the country's second-largest fish market, a basic concrete construction with large open areas and a few wooden tables, situated on the crowded beaches of the Indian Ocean. While preparing to take the first shots, I noticed a young man sorting the dried fish, nearby. After asking for his permission to take a photograph, I noticed he was fluent in English, so I engaged him in a short conversation about his family, their work and the kind of lives they had as fishermen. There were no words that could have described the harshness of these peoples lives, the sad resignation and the sacrifice of their existences, but at the same time, the kindness and the candor of their smiles I got in return.