The Fisherman

PhotographerKathiana Cardona
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

I took this series in Guardatinajas, Guarico state in Venezuela, during a photo expedition.


Luis Martin Corona, fisherman, 57 years old, he is happily married for 27 years with MarĂ­a Romero, she is 64, they are very much in love, they have no children together, from previous Maria has 5 children and Luis has 4. The house has floor land and In the house they do not have electricity, so they lie down to sleep early, on hammock, they don't, have beds, but they say they live in the field of wonders. Luis also works the field planting, and Maria works in her kitchen preparing food to sell. Behind their home passes a river, Luis Martin fishing Cachama, Cajaro, Curbinata, Striped Catfish, Poor-white, Gold and Laulau, he goes to the market and sells his catch. This is the life of this humble fisherman who lives very happily fishing in this beautiful region.