The Transporters

PhotographerYOUNG JANG
PrizeHonorable Mention

My “Isolation” began after my friend and I were robbed at gunpoint. It was the most traumatic experience I have ever endured and the only time I had my life threatened. Afraid that my life was in constant danger, I locked myself away in my apartment because it was the only place I felt somewhat safe and protected. During my isolation period for the three months after my traumatic robbery experience, the only persons I had any one-on-one interactions with were deliverymen. I began to photograph each deliveryman that came to my door. I wanted to create a collection that would engage people’s curiosity of wanting to get to know the deliverymen as individuals. I felt like in today’s society, no one really cared for someone who delivers one’s food and realized that people like deliverymen were also quickly judged and categorized the same types as others who are in the same echelon. True, we’re all the same underneath it all, we’re all pink on the inside, but each photograph I took of each different deliveryman displayed individuality and collectively displayed humanity.