PhotographerBrian Clopp
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountrySanta Monica, United States
Photo Date03/10/2015
Technical InfoCanon 5D mark iii
Entry Description

On my drive back from Nevada to L.A., I decided to finally follow signs for Zzyzx Road. This is where it led. Once a healing place, it was named to be the last word in a dictionary. The soil was like walking on the moon, it sunk several inches and crunched. Composed of chlorite, borax, and other minerals it glistened like sugar coating the earth. Someone else had left tire tracks, which made me think that when we explore, we can alter the landscape if we're not careful... a metaphor for mankind.

About Photographer

Brian applies his small farm-town integrity to his photography, writing, and producing. He has written with best-selling authors, produces independent films, runs a credit card processing company that shares its revenue with charities, holds patents, and is on the board of a 14,000 square-mile rainforest preserve in the Congo. He is an Eagle Scout and a member of the prestigious Cap &Skull honor society. He graduated with Highest Honors from Rutgers University in 2005, where he was mentored by two of Spielberg’s writers and became Founder of the Screenwriters Community. He took up photography as a hobby, and quickly learned it is a way to share the beautiful world with others. He embraces life as a gift and believes what matters most is what we do with the time we have, and who we do it with.