PhotographerChiara Boschi
PrizeHonorable Mention
City/CountryCastrocaro Terme e TDS, Italy
Photo Date17/10/2015
Technical Infosamsung gx10, Helios 44-4 K f2
Entry Description

This is all you need.. A hug. With this photo, and others, I will try to capture the growth of my daughter. I would like to remember the moments I have experienced since a I was a child.

About Photographer

Amateur photographer based in Italy. I think there is nothing more to discover in photography, so I photograph the world that surrounds me according to my interpretation AWARDS: Honorable Mention IPOTY 2015 Fine Art/Conceptual with serie "Beata Solitudo, sola beatitudo" Honorable Mention MIFA 2016 Fine Art/Portrait with serie "Masks" Honorable Mention IPA 2016 - Family of Man: Childhood Category single image "Protection" Honorable Mention IPA 2016 Portrait and Self-portrait with series "Universes" Honorable Mention B&W International Award in Rome 2016 with series "Beata solitudo, sola beatitudo" Honorable Mention Black &White Spider Awards 2016 in Children of the World with “Forever” and Nominee in Silhouette “Foggy Uncertainty” Honorable Mention ND Awards 2016 fine art / conceptual, with series "Beata solitudo, Sola beatitudo" Honorable Mention IPOTY 2016 self-portrait with series "Universes" Honorable Mention Monochrome Awards 2016 conceptual with “The room” Nominee in 3rd edition of Fine Art Photography Awards (2016), with series “Masks” (Portrait Category) Honorabe Mention MonoVisions Awards 2017, with series “Tales from everlasting world” (conceptual) 2nd Place IPA 2017 People / Family with series “Just me and her” Nominee Black & White Spider Awards 2017 in silhouette for “Alter ego” and in fine art for “The room”