PhotographerChiara Boschi
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This is all you need.. A hug. With this photo, and others, I will try to capture the growth of my daughter. I would like to remember the moments I have experienced since a I was a child.

About Photographer

Amateur photographer based in Italy. I think there is nothing more to discover in photography, so I photograph the world that surrounds me according to my interpretation AWARDS: Honorable Mention IPOTY 2015 Fine Art/Conceptual with serie "Beata Solitudo, sola beatitudo" Honorable Mention MIFA 2016 Fine Art/Portrait with serie "Masks" Honorable Mention IPA 2016 - Family of Man: Childhood Category single image "Protection" Honorable Mention IPA 2016 Portrait and Self-portrait with series "Universes" Honorable Mention B&W International Award in Rome 2016 with series "Beata solitudo, sola beatitudo" Honorable Mention Black &White Spider Awards 2016 in Children of the World with “Forever” and Nominee in Silhouette “Foggy Uncertainty” Honorable Mention ND Awards 2016 fine art / conceptual, with series "Beata solitudo, Sola beatitudo" Honorable Mention IPOTY 2016 self-portrait with series "Universes" Honorable Mention Monochrome Awards 2016 conceptual with series “Masks” EXIBITIONS Group Exhibition in Agropoli (SA) Italy: Terramiti / La grande Madre (07/08/2016 - 30/10/2016) with "Forever" and one shot of "Tales from everlasting world" Group Exhibition in Brescia (BS) Italy: "photographer: donne che fotografano le donne" (25/11/2016 - 08/01/2017) PUBLICATIONS F-stop magazine: GROUP EXHIBITION Issue #77 —Family (june 2016)