Of A Premonition: Our Last Afternoon With Nainai

PhotographerArgus Paul
Prize3rd Place in Editorial / Personality
Entry Description

The memory haunts me. And for that I feel fortunate. It had been one year since my wife and her grandmother had seen each other. Nainai expressed great joy in seeing her favorite granddaughter again but I also noticed how her mood would fluctuate. I always imagined Nainai to be Wendy from Peter Pan; part of her youth frozen in time while Wendy’s body grew old. But now surrounded by mirrors and looking at her own reflection, she seemed preoccupied with thought. I asked her what was wrong. She told me she’d become nervous about her health and worried this was the last time we’d all be together. I assured her that she was fine- but I never got to photograph or see her again. I realize now that I’d shot a portrait of a premonition: Our last afternoon with Nainai.

About Photographer

I’m an emerging photographer with an MFA in Studio Arts, currently based in Seoul, South Korea. More of my work can be seen @ www.arguspaul.com.